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Retirement is an excellent opportunity to travel the world and explore locations you’ve always wanted to see in person. The only problem is deciding where to go. These destinations are guaranteed to entice you to pack your bags.

National Parks in the United States

The wonders of the United States national parks system are available to visitors with a variety of inclinations and physical capacities, from those who stare into the Grand Canyon from the rim to those who paddle across it in a canoe. Not everyone over the age of 65 will wish to climb Yosemite’s El Capitan’s steep rock wall.But how about a ranger-led nature walk amid the geysers of Yellowstone? Or a scenic drive past forests, wildflowers, and maybe a black bear or two in the Great Smoky Mountains? From California’s Death Valley to Alaska’s Denali, from Florida’s Everglades to Utah’s Canyonlands –– nature’s offerings are infinite, awe-inspiring, and deeply inspirational

For a onetime fee of $80, Americans aged 62 or older can get the National Park Service’s lifetime senior pass to experience all the natural splendor they could ever want to see.


The state’s powerful land- and seascapes include massive glaciers, whales, and grizzlies. You don’t have to be a seasoned outdoor adventurer in top physical shape to view some of the best sights. Despite the fact that Alaska is one of the least visited states in the country (due to its remoteness), the natural wonders of this state cannot be matched. Alaska has 17 national parks for persons interested in outdoor activities. Anchorage and Juneau provide all the creature conveniences you’d expect for a more pleasant journey.Alaskan cruises, which provide accessible accommodations for pretty much everyone, showcase coastal marvels and port cities such as Sitka and Juneau—one of our Best Places to Go in 2018 for its revitalized waterfront and burgeoning food scene. “Flightseeing” and helicopter shore excursions provide eye-popping views of mountains, forests, and wild waterways. A leisurely inland alternative to cruising is a ride aboard the Aurora Winter Train, which chugs through Christmas-card-worthy scenes between Anchorage and Fairbanks from fall through spring—which happens to coincide with primetime for seeing the Northern Lights.


In Southeast Asia right now, the dollar goes a long way, making fancy restaurants, spas, and four-star hotels surprisingly reasonable. Thailand, with its beaches, Buddhist temples, floating markets, and the ceaseless activity of Bangkok, is a tempting choice for seniors seeking variety, culture, and relaxation without fully depleting their savings. The villagers’ strong reverence for elders is a nice plus.

Indonesian island of Bali

With postcard-perfect beaches, lush foliage, waterfalls, many majestic temples, and much more, Bali is a dream for everyone who visit. It’s also cost-effective, so you’ll probably have money left over to treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment like a Balinese massage with traditional herbs and spices. Ubud is a must-see destination, including shops and galleries, as well as the Ubud Palace and the Sacred Monkey Forest. If you want to see the whole island, you can hire a cheap private driver to show you around while learning more about the culture.

New Mexico’s capital, Santa Fe

This senior-friendly city has long been popular with visitors, and it is only growing in popularity. Few cities of its scale can match what it has to offer in terms of culture, and thanks to technology advancements, the ways to experience it are also expanding. If you want to get a different perspective on the city and its surroundings, join Tour Beaver for a two-and-a-half-hour scavenger hunt.

The players are provided clues and puzzles that they must answer while roaming the city over a distance of around one-and-a-half miles utilizing cellphones or tablets. If you like the idea of a scavenger hunt, Santa Fe is just one of several places that offer such. Keep in mind that some claim the greatest time to visit this gorgeous, sunny city is from September to November, when the temperatures are the most pleasant for most people. Take your sunscreen with you regardless of when you travel.


Many people dream of visiting Tuscany, and retirees will find much to do here. Stay in the heart of Florence, the “Cradle of the Renaissance,” or stay in the countryside, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, for a more budget-friendly journey. Wine tours come in different shapes and sizes, including private and small group trips that take you to the best wineries in the area, where you may meet some of the winemakers and sample local specialties. Relax in charming squares, gaze up at centuries-old palazzos and cathedrals, or simply soak up the Tuscan sun amidst stunning surroundings.

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Choosing the best months to travel is crucial.

You are no longer bound by a job schedule or the problems that come with back-to-school activities as a senior living out your retirement. Take advantage of your independence by learning about the advantages of taking a late summer vacation!

Booking your dream vacation for mid-to-late August is a cost-effective method to cross “exotic overseas travel” off your bucket list. As tourists return home, prices begin to fall. While the Mediterranean countries continue to be scorched by the sun, the Scandinavian countries, with their pleasant temperatures and spectacular Northern Lights, make for outstanding trip choices.

Temperatures, crowds, and lodging prices all tend to reduce during this time of year, making September a great month to visit the beach. A swarm of seagulls and a few treasure hunters may be your sole company on the beach. At eateries, there will be no big lines. Don’t forget to plan a boat trip, fishing trip, or an evening kayak paddling on the ocean for the more daring.

Harvest season, Octoberfest revelry, and a slew of other reasons to get out of bed in October. The shifting seasons in the northeast are a must-see for all nature lovers. The bright hues of the leaves, combined with a slight chill and hot cider, are enough to make anyone want to put on their plaid and head to Pennsylvania, New York, or Connecticut. Rent a cabin and stay for a week or a weekend!


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