What is Ca’Sole ?

We are committed to improving the living conditions of seniors in modern and pleasant residences

Our Values

Original, human and ambitious

Caring to our fellow human is at the heart of our project, a core of our thinking process and will be the criterion of our success.

We want to do things differently, because we think differently.

Ambitious: we really believe that we can contribute to a better future for our elders, who are also our parents and grandparents.

Why we are different

Our starting point was twofold: seniors do not have enough places available in the institutions offering them assistance and these institutions do not fully meet their expectations. We therefore came up with a concept to improve the existing offer to meet their needs.

Greater security

Our residences are designed to relieve seniors of some of their daily tasks. Accommodation, food supply, available assistance: we take care of the essentials, you enjoy the rest.

A social experience

In addition to the security and tranquility, you benefit from the pleasure of being in a community. If you wish, you can join in common sports, cultural or entertainment activities, or simply have dinner with friends.

A Little Of Our Story

Passion has brought us together and driven us to action

Our common denominator: we all have grandparents whom we love, or have loved, and want to do everything possible to improve their living environment. In addition, we are energetic and passionate about working together on a daily basis.

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